Solar PV

What is  Solar PV?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels normally placed on the roof of your home convert sunlight into electricity.

solar man installing panelsThe electricity is then fed into your property's electricity supply and you enjoy the free electricity that you generate. In addition your energy supplier will pay you on top for every kilowatt hour of electricity that you generate, this is called the Feed in Tariff and is paid for 25 years and is indexed linked.
If you generate more electricity than you use, then the extra is fed back into the grid which you also get paid for, this is called the 'Export Tarif'.

What are the benefits of PV Solar

The UK government wants homeowners to use clean renewable energy such as Solar PV, therfore give homeowners generous incentives to implement these improvements to their homes.

By installing PV solar panels you can significantly benefit by a reduction in your electricity bills. Typically your solar panels will generate around 40% of your home's requirements. That means your electric bills will be 40% lower. In addition you get the Feed in Tariff which is currently 43.3p for every kilowatt hour of energy you generate. You also get paid 3.1p for any excess electricity that you feed back into the grid. All this income is tax free. After the 12th December the feed in tariff will be reduced to 21p. Because of this we are no longer able to offer free solar pv.

Trouble free installation

Solar panels are easy to maintain as they are manufactured with self cleaning glass. You only need to ensure that trees or any extensions do not create shade over time.
Work is normally completed between 1-2 days with the majority of the work done externally. Your installer will be registered with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and for peace of mind you get a 25 year guarantee.

A survey will also be needed to determine that the roof is strong enough and suitable.

Listed properties and properties in conservation areas are not suitable.

Why use Energy Grants Direct to provide your Solar PV system

As an independent grants agency we do not install the work. We carry out the surveys and leave you with the recommendations on the best system for your home whether it is a free solar installation or a fully paid system. If you decide to take advantage of any of the recomendations then we arrange for one of our appointed installers to undertake the work on our behalf.

We offer:
  • No high pressure sales tactics
  • Independent advise for your particular property
  • Offer solutions available from different approved contractors
  • Surveys carried out by fully trained experienced surveyors
  • You can actually call us and talk to us, which is not the case with many other sites on page one of google.
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* Important Notice *

On October 31st 2011 the government announced that they will be reducing the feed in tariff by over 50%.

All existing enquiries had to be installed by December 11th to qualify for the feed in tariff at the current rate.

This means that we are no longer able to take anymore enquiries for free solar.

However a paid solar system is still a great investment even with the feed in tariff at the reduced rate.

If free solar does return you can still register your details and we will contact you if there are any changes.

Please accept our apologies if you are here from any publications that have already been distributed.

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